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The Social Collective is a small community of like minded entrepreneurs looking to develop their digital marketing through an intensive e-course.

  • Not sure if your posts are being seen by the right people?
  • Has your account growth slowed down and your engagement stalled?
  • Are you ready to get serious about your social marketing and create a fan base?

In three months, you will go through all our key lessons on digital marketing, from developing your brand to converting sales, all in a structured, supportive environment.

This course is designed for:

  • Small business owners looking to uplevel their digital marketing efforts, grow their reach and convert their fans into customers.
  • Virtual and Admin Assistants wanting to polish their skill-set, hone their offerings and get down with the digital.
  • Anybody wanting to grow their accounts, create a fan base and engage effectively with brands. Maybe you're a blogger looking for outreach programmes, an athlete hoping for sponsorship or a band wanting to sell out your gigs.

You will learn all of the skills we have developed over 6 years of growing and launching businesses online, with tips and tricks we've picked up by experience along the way. We'll tell it like it is, and answer all your questions.

This course is for real, organic, growth. It's for you if you want to upgrade your digital marketing efforts, are ready to understand how to crack social media and further establish your brand with a confident online presence. You are ready to share your message, want to grow your online community and feel in control and organised.

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"Great job on the presentations - thank you! You’ll be our first port of call for this in the future!"

- The North Face, Marketing Team UK


This Course Covers:

- Defining, developing and translating your brand so that you are hitting your target audience every. single. time.

- Making Social Media work for you. From the ins & outs of marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to leveraging influencers and blogger outreach.

- Optimizing your Website with effective content strategy, web design and SEO. From pro blogging to gorgeous design, your website will be drawing in potential customers.

- Social Media management, effective call to actions, engaging content, promotions & advertising. Learn the tricks that will free up your time to do the job you love and seriously upskill your marketing. You'll be able to drive your own campaigns, understand what's not working and fix it in a blink.


- 12 Modules

- 40+ Lectures

- PDF Worksheets

- Fortnightly Webinars

- Quizzes

- Video Workshops

- Closed Community Facebook Group

- Full access to Anchor & Dash

"It is so fab working with you, you set my mind at ease. And you adapt how you work to help my small brain cope with what needs to be done. It's an all round fab experience. A very big thank you!"

- Philippa Levinson, Life Fusion & Business Fusion Coaching


Week One: Defining Your Digital presence
➤ What it means to be online in a positive, engaging way and what you can do to get there

Week Two: Who are You?
➤ Defining your brand, identifying your ideal client and translating that to your social media

Weeks Three - Six: The World of Social Media
➤ Uncovering the tips and tricks to really crack your Social Media marketing. An in depth look at everything from hashtag research to audience analysis. What to say, why and when!

Week Seven: Website 101
➤ Make sure people know who you are and that your website isn't losing you customers!

Week Eight: Campaigns and Strategy
➤ Creating an effective strategy that WORKS

Week Nine: Content Creation and Optimisation
➤ Get Social Media to work for you! Your first steps to going viral.

Week Ten: Email Marketing and 'The List'
➤ Cracking the massive ego of a list and sharing your message effectively to your leads.

Week 11: Advertising and Promotions
➤ Facebook is a money grabber. There, I said it. How to effectively promote your posts to get seen and other non-creepy ways to advertise your stuff.

Week 12: YOU DID IT!
➤Make this work for you. You're now armed to rule the (digital) world, and there's a Q&A to get personal with your biz.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course runs quarterly and the next start date is 15th Jan 2018. It is a 12 week programme, and therefore you will have access to content until the 8th April 2018.
How many other students will be on the course?
We are capping each course to just 20 students so that we can provide each and every one of you with the attention you deserve. We love intimate mastermind groups, its where the magic happens!
How long do I have access to the course?
This is a 12 week course and therefore you will have access to all content for the duration of these 12 weeks. After which both the course and access will end. There are, however, plenty of downloadable worksheets for you to save and keep for future reference, homework and development. You may remain in the Facebook group for access to A&D and community support for life! You are, of course, more than welcome to repeat or revisit the lessons at anytime, and we will allow all alumni students access to the full course portal for just £9 per month.
How much does it cost?
We are confident that by providing you with all of our lessons, tips and tricks you will become empowered to take control of your marketing and thrive! We don't want to tell you what to do, we want to work with you to develop your own sense of style and brand, and along the way you will feel happy, supported and confident in your business future. Payment options are: 1 off £489 OR 3 x £163... yes, pay in installments at no extra cost!
Do I have to join the Facebook Group?
Of course not! However, given this is a Digital Marketing and Social Media course, we strongly advise it! Not only will you be able to engage with other students, but your course leader will be available there for any and all questions!
I missed the start date! What do I do?
We will allow a 2 week grace period for any late starters, but unfortunately outside of this time we cannot enrol more students. This course is designed to move along at pace, and requires homework - therefore it would be impractical to join any later. FYI - deductions will not be made for late starters.
Will there be a test?!
We're going to throw in fun quizzes, challenges and homework every now and again... but this is not a pass/fail course. We all are continuously developing and believe you should be too!

'When it comes to the ins and outs of social media, marketing and content strategy, Laura has the skills, expertise, and patience to help me succeed. With Laura’s help I have been able to fine tune important areas to move my business forward. I feel confident with what is coming up next, and how and why certain things work. Plus knowing Laura is at the end of an email for the next 90 days for ongoing support is the icing on the cake!'

- Cat Plummer, Financial Coach

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Your Instructor

Dr Laura Cutress
Dr Laura Cutress

We help businesses get clear on their branding, utilise social media, create a digital marketing strategy and feel well represented online so that they can be confident their project will thrive.

We have spent the last 6 years working with a variety of businesses to support and enable them to flourish. We love the ‘new’ business feeling, and have been involved with a variety of projects with clients to take them from start-up to success. Business growth is what makes us excited!

Based in Sheffield we are lucky to have a natural playground on our doorstep where we often go to create fresh new content for our clients. We love travelling to meet new clients all over the country, and when we're not at the desk, you'll find us running or climbing in the Peak District, or down the local sampling the gin selection!

Anchor & Dash is Google Certified in Digital Marketing.

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"I did the Social Media & Marketing course run by Laura Cutress of Anchor & Dash - absolute gold dust. Thoroughly recommended, loads of good trickery."

- Richard Parker, AMI Member